Jul 15, 2015

Samir & Viktor they came to Melodifestivalen in 2015- and conquers all in the charts.

                                -Thanks to Samir & Viktor FaceBook page

Rap in Melodifestivalen, and even Eurovision Song Contest, it just has never really worked at all- For an example check out Austria's Trackshittaz, they were very popular in homeland yet finished last in the 2nd Semi Final in Baku 2012.
Then came Samir & Viktor, I had dismissed them as another rap pop act until- I stopped and listened to them in the Melodifestivalen 'Second Chance' round..Wait a minute, this really works well and is an amazingly caughty tune.The boys certainly set up Melodifestivalen Grand Final as Song 1- with their amazing staging of 'Groupie'
and certainly they went on to recieved the sixth highest public vote in the final.

Then 'Groupie' went on to have further massive success as the song remained on the Swedish singles charts for 21 weeks- to date, and along with Mans 'Heroes' (which you would expect after Sweden's 2015 win) are they are the only two Melodifestivalen singles still arround in the swedish charts this summer. Also Hasse Andersson's 'Guld och grona skogan' has given him a number one selling album this summer in Sweden. So in the sales ratings the two swedish songs from Melodifestivalen have won, could this mean Melodifestivalen 2016 -will bring us a swedish lauguage winner? that would be a turn up for the books..

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