May 17, 2015

Vienna Favourites Estonia 2015 -In Review

This year's Eurovision must be the one with the most male female duo Ever! 8 out of 40 in all.
We know how the Netherlands Common Linnets- made a real impact at Eurovision 2014 in copenhagen (2nd place) so maybe that is why? It seems strange then as Ell & Nikki from back 2011, never had this effect with male/female duo's all singing the following year?

Elina Bore & Stig Rästa, for me are the 'Golden Couple of Eurovision 2015', and not just as both of them look and sound fantastic with the upbeat 'Goodbye to Yesterday' The song that has produced a top selling hit in their homeland of Estonia as well as earning a massive 79% of the public vote in the local selection process. So they have become one of the Top 5 favourites to win in Vienna.

The song is a massive slice of meloncony-pop, with a great storyline-  as Stig is slipping out of bed in morning unheard, quietly to end their relationship. Leaving Elina alone staring at her phone in bed... the song leaves us like a classic ole 60's french movie. All wanting to know what happens next?

I may have said it before, but I feel at Eurovision, each year Estonia always come up with the goods, This maybe because they do take the song contest seriously and just seem to have a never ending talent of great artists. Often in a more musically alternative vein but Estonia never seem afraid to take risks at ESC,  so wish they could increase their win total from the one time back in Copenhagen 2002.

Stig Rästa is no stranger to Eesti Laul -Estonia's National Final, as being part of the pop-rock band 'Traffic' who entered several times in Eesti Laul, the most successful was 'Für Elise' last year that finished 3rd in the final and went on to be a huge hit. This was wrote by Stig himself. Another Eesti Laul success was a interesting song called "I wanna met Bob Dylan" by Outloudz in Esti Laul 2011. As well as a track called 'Enough' sung by Elina in 2013.
The song with the most potencial Eurovision previously was I think  last year's 'Für Elise' (above)    

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