Feb 6, 2012

Things are changing over in Norway! MGP For better or worse!

Last weekend saw the last Semi-final in Norway - so the final line-up is very almost complete. Hat's off to Norway who

are not wasting any time with a second chance round in 2012- Do they need it? it means 3 songs go automatically into the Mgp Final.

Still some strange music tunes seem to have got through- in Baku it is so important Norway qualify in 2012. As last year 'Haba Haba'

missed out Dusseldorf. I must say I have been very impressed with some of the songs in MGP semi finals

namely Mimie Oh, Irresistible, Silya Nymoen, Lisa Stokke, Martha Valle & Lisa Karlsnes all missed out on getting to the final- Then there was rather fab excellent

Rikke Normann with 'Shapeshifters' - Rikke has a big hit under her belt in Norway. ('superstar' in 2011)

There is one Wildcard slot at Specturm - come on NRK choose Rikke - this song will be huge anyway I think- I agree with schlagerboys

Norway your Rikke needs you! they have one wildcard space left for the final to be announced on Thursday.

The line-up for the final of Norsk Melodi Grand Prix and running order:

  1. Stay - Tooji
  2. High on Love - Reidun Sæther
  3. TBA/Wildcard
  4. Ola Nordmann - Plumbo
  5. Crush - Malin
  6. Smoewhere Beautiful - Nora Foss al-Jabri
  7. Don't touch the flame - The Carburetors
  8. Things change - Petter Øien & Bobby Bare
  9. Sammen - Yaseen & Julie Maria
  10. Make it better - Tommy Fredvang

Stop Press- the wildcard has been selected as Lise Karlsnes- 'Sailors'
hmmm...another ok track- but a MGP finalist? not really!

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