Feb 1, 2012

Svt have started a Third Chance Melodifestivalen competition- Vote now

Over in Norway Melodi Grand Prix has scraped the Second chance round for their grand final - while over in Sweden it is the complete oppisite Svt have created a whole new competition called the Third Chance- what it is - based on all the songs and entries that missed out on a Globen place during the last ten years of Melodifestivalen 2002-2011. Thats a lot of great tunes, that have often out grown Melodifestivalen and become pop classics in their own rights. So now the editors at Svt who have been involved in Melodiferstivalen during this time- have come up with 32 songs that all missed out.
They are going in this Third chance contest in the traditional Melo formal to find a Third chance Grand winner
So while the new songs of 2012 battle out in Deltavling 1 -
views and fans can vote on-line for the best past tune from these tunes-

Semi -final one
Poets - "What Difference Does It Make" (2002)
Pay TV - "Trendy Discoteque" (2004)
Patrik Isaksson - "Faller du så faller jag" (2006)
The Attic feat. Therese - "The Arrival" (2007)
Eskobar - "Hallelujah New World" (2008)
Velvet - "The Queen" (2009)
Pain of Salvation - "Road Salt" (2010)
Dilba - "Try Again" (2011)

So as it's On-Line voting we can all Vote HERE

I must confess I have 3 favourites already in Velvet, Pay TV & The Attic feat Therese.
only 2 songs will qualify forthe third chance final-

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