Feb 7, 2012

Melodifestivalen Semi Final 1 -Loreen is she going all the way to Baku 2012?

On saturday night Melodifestivalen 2012 opened on Svt TV and what an exciting start- I must say the line-up of artists was
a fantastic start. For once Melodifestivalen seemed to be about the songs and performance- not a variety show of the hosts and inbetween clips (as been the case in recent Melo semi-finals).
The new 'Queen of Melo' is Loreen who seems to have created a real buzz on the net with her new song for Sweden- "Euphoria" the song seem to be a near perfect combination of schlager writer Thomas G:Son & Peter Bostrom. Loreen really missed out at the Melodifestivalen Globen final 2010
and 'My heart is refusing me' should have been there- if that had been the case I believe the International juries could have showed Sweden the way to go-- it could have been a Saade, Danny & Loreen Globen battle?
Ok now for 2012 Loreen has the best chance yet- I hate to repeat myself ( I said it before) I'm certain Loreen is just the perfect artist to fly the swedish flag at Eurovision. Well it's just the first round of Melodifestivalen -we have alot more great music to come- just keep an eye on 'Euphoria'
Dead by April were expected by far to qualify for the final - the song certainly came up with the goods called 'Mystery' they are a massive band in Sweden now - and hats off to the lads they put on a fantastic performance- with their metal-pop as they call it?!?
Sean Banan - here was a surpise that he went on from being Song 1 - to being in second chance round. How long has it been since a song 1 has gone so far in Melo? Once again not a bad tune. However we did have Afro Dite certainly came up with the goods and a new disco-tune 'The Boy can Dance'
they made 5 th place only which means they will not make the final. If you ask me they should be at least in Second chance - instead
the swedes choose Thorsten Flinck! ok he is already bit scarry- or is it just the idea that an act like this seriously be sent to Baku.
I love Marie Serneholt - someone just has to give Marie the right song- she is stunning and puts on another excellent performance
I think I like 'Disconnect me' (Melo 2009) alot more.
The Moniker & Abalone Dots nice try- not bad tunes but Globen is not for you-
Semi final 2 - is going to bring more excitiment in the semi- they are calling the pure pop round..

I can't wait-

-Marie Serneholt -come back soon

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