Feb 19, 2012

Italy's Nina Zilli goes to Baku- after the San Remo Final 2012

Nina Zilli will sing for Italy at Eurovision Song Contest in Baku -with the looks of an italian -Amy Winehouse
She was among the 10 finalists of the San Remo Song Festival this year. Nina sang 'Per Sempre' at San Remo, and non other
than Ell & Nikki made an appearence at Italy's premium song festival- to make the announcement.

Nina Zilli is a singer songwriter who began performing from the age of 13 years old. She has had big success in Italy following her entry in San Remo 2010 - this lead to a top selling album. Nina says her main influences are rock and punk sounds of 70's and she even did an excellent cover of the Supremes 1960's hit 'You can't hurry love' in italian.

This artist sounds like another excellence choice from Italy in Baku 2012 - certainly Germany, Italy and even France for the second year running
have selected very well for Eurovision. It leaves us with one question- what's happening with the other 2 'big 5' countries?
UK and Spain
as automatic qualifiers for the Eurovision Contest final each year -I hope the last 2 come up with the goods as well? Italy look set
for a top 5 placing again.

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Jimmy said...

Nina Zilli here in Baku! I wonder which Baku hotels will be holding the reservations.. Have to go find a spot now. :)