Feb 21, 2012

Melodifestivalen 2012- Leksand -Round 3 is won by Molly's Lovesong

Yes Melodifestivalen always has a few surprises for 2012 - last saturday it was seeing Youngblood- the new Kempe boyband project did not get a ticket direct
to the Globen Final. In fact not even a runner up qualifing place.
The winner on the night was clearly Molly Sanden- who has certainly grown up- and has a heart wrenching ballad called 'Why am I crying?'
the title that begs the question is it anything to do with last year's Melodifestivalen heart-thob Eric Saade. Certainly for several years Molly and Eric did have a well publised romance- but now it's over- all that's left is a bromance between the famous singers.

So does Molly's ballad mirrors reality? And for this reason could this tune have pulled in more swedish public votes.
It is even being called the new 'Empty Room' (Sanne's ballad of 2009)

More Melodifestival love-stories is found with diva Charlotte Perrelli- the last time Charlotte won Melodifestivalen was in 2009 with 'Hero'. At that time it was not a personal- happy time for Charlotte as she found out her husband was having a fling while she was in Moscow! just recently Charlotte told of the distress she felt while singing Hero' for Sweden that year.
Her marriage ended soon after- now for 2012 the swedish press is full of romance again for Charlotte with a new man called Anders Jensen- who is well-known in sweden.
The headline is -Charlotte is back in Love again- just before her new schlager-tune 'The Girl' hits the SVT screens
this weekend- I hope it will be a

good- luck charm for Charlotte third time lucky--

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