Feb 25, 2012

Jedward -The twins have done the Eurovision Double honours for Ireland!

Opps I did it again! - a very fitting Britney Spears song comes to mind as up against some of the best that Ireland can offer in the Eurosong contest on the 'The Late Late Show' . Jedward did it again and are on the way to Baku 2012.
It turned out to be an even more convincing win for the Twins at the Irish national final than last year. In my option Jedward had alot tougher competition than in Eurosong 2011 as well.
In fact Andrew Mann looked stronger than expected on the night- with an irish style rock ballad 'Here I am' that convencied Juries & the public alike he was worthy of runner up. I liked this song enough to track it down on i-tunes already as well. (or maybe cus Jedward is not out yet!)

The winner in the end was of course- Jedward- and I feel they won the honour again, not just for having a large popular fan base but also coming up with the perfect follow track to last years 'Lipstick'
The Song for Ireland 2011 -is 'Waterline' it shows off even more Jed-talent! than we have seen ever before- I am sure I even prefer it
to last year's song. (see the live clip)
With this song they should surely make the final- then 8th place is a harder challenge to improve on-
Yet we know Jedward- are like a couple of power batteries they go on and on-
Just what more can they achive?

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