May 25, 2012

My random Pad comments from Eurovision Semi Final

Outside in wet cold Melbourne winter weather - it is perfect for this year's Eurovision theme Light my fire As well as my random Pad comments/options (without any clues to the results) as we settle into Semi Final 2 along with bees Scott Mills & Sara Cox Serbia- a popular favorite certainly

Serbia- a country that know how to put on a ballad that will have mass appeal and with the talents of the brilliant Zelio how can this not qualify
FYR Macedonia- all the Baltic countries made it into this semi finals so it will be interesting to see what effect this will be - boom or bust ! I like only a few of them but this one I have to pass on!
Le Netherlands- one of my personal faves Joan s tune has grown on me and she certainly does nail this tune live and audience in Baku seem to agree with me as well it is becoming a bit of a gay anthem
so  Go Go Joan- 
Malta- The Luvly Kurt from Malta - is nt he just perfect for Eurovision ? Only This is the night' is a theme we have heard before in the competition that may cost Kurt the votes to make it.. I do hope he makes it.
Belarus- another uptempo rock tune for band Litesound I think Belarus wanted to stand out from all the Euro pop With this band but I think they got the wrong semi for that Yet I do like the singers vocal & looks they may surprise us making it to the final
Portugal- I do like this tune however I think she may well get lost in the sea of dreamy female singers with this same type of tune is it me? Or do we have so many in 2012.
Ukraine- oh I liked this tune heaps, however seeing it live I am unsure... Her vocals are not for me are too screamy Plus why has she got flowers on her head! It should be make the final though
Bulgaria - this tune was more interesting for me hearing the studio version on the CD and just not sure if it is a qualifier but may do well with the jury vote.
Slovenia - Eva Boto is very popular in Euro sites and with this performance she does stand out - I give her half way 5 or is that 6?
Croatia- sorry not a high flyer for me even through Croatia need to make it to the Final
Sweden- Loreen was outstanding her vocal fantastic- only I am not sure it was the actual same routine as at Melodifestivalen - did'nt it miss the fall to the ground bit- makes no difference she has to be a finalist
Georgia- Now the fun begins Anri is rather OTT  with the stage act, entertaining certainly - but not a Eurovi Finalist if you ask me..
Turkey- some Eurovis' you don't like too much as a song only I found Love me back' bit average yet with Can Bonomo performance I like it alot more - the dancers are great - Will he qualify no I think not!
Estonia - I saw Ott Lepland win his Estonian national final and certainly he has improved this song and performance since then he has what I call 'the goose bump factor' when a song has that emotional element - a stand out track for me...
Slovakia- Max Jason seems to be flying his very own heavy rock flag- it may go down well and bring out European rock fans, but for me it's just your average melodic rocker...
Norway- for me it's not a Eurovision final without Norway and this year they have pulled out all the stops with a new artist- and Tooji is not really an Saade clone. Perfect for Baku- so this year Norway got it right..
Bosnia & Herzegovina- another baltic ballad they do them so well- yet it does get abit lost in transaltion for me - you just want to know what is going on.
Lithuania- every now and again in Eurovision a great singer and artist comes along that you really wanna hear more of Donny Montell is great- a perfect performance a place in the final - yes most certainly I hope so-

Best song of the night -  'Euphoria'  & 'Kuula'

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