May 5, 2012

Eurovision songs from the Baltics 2012- Latvia, Lituania gets a thumbs up!

Each year at Eurovision I do confess to being very partial to each selection from Estonia A country that always takes it's Euro entries very serious and normally comes up with a song very different each year- Certainly they bring to the stage the very best artists this small country can offer from a well of great modern talent.
This has been rather successful in seeing Estonia so often in the Eurovision grand final.

For Baku 2012, I confess I do like Estonia's 'Kuula' by Ott Lepland. He has made a lot of waves already in Eurovision cycles.

Plus, in 2012 both Latvia & Lituania are favourites of mine- to make the whole trio of baltic countries.
Especially with one of the most caughty songs of recent modern Eurovision tunes if you ask me is
'Beautiful Song' a tune on first listen sounds like a montage of name drops with Johnny Logan winner from 1980, followed by Mccartney and then Mike Jagger. Yet this tune really does stick in the head-
like all eurovision songs should- added to the pure charm of the stunning Anmary as our Latvian singer.

Check out the fab Video of 'Beautiful Song'

Then Lituania, who's greatest success is in fact Eurovision 2006's bold 'We are the Winner' that finished in 6th place. For Baku they are sending a cute singer called Donny Montell ( or Donatas Montvydas )
with a rather polished pop song called 'Love is blind' a song that is a really grower-
In fact - it is almost a follow-up to Sasha Son's 'Love' for Eurovision Moscow in 2009.
If you like this tune - like I do- then do go on and check out Donata's solo album on i-tunes. It's just as good.
Maybe not as strong as Beautiful Song' I hope -Donny can qualify along with the two sister balic countries.

                                              Donny he wants your vote in Baku-

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