May 12, 2012

A Lost Eurovision Cover-classic from 1977 covered by Farrah Fawcettt

When it comes to Eurovision cover versions I find very often they don't live up to the originals However there is always an exception to the rule. Recently I found one in a version of English/French version of the very successful Italian entry from Eurovision Song Contest 1974 a song that finished 2nd place to Abba's Waterloo winner of that year. Gigola Cinquetti who won Eurovision for the first time in 1963 was looking for a second Victory with "Si" - It did have a English version at the time called "Go (before you break my heart)" the single even became a hit in the British top 20.
                      Farrah Fawcett was certainly in the mid 70s was unknown at all for her singing she did however become an iconic original Charlies Angel and will be remembered fondly for this part and her blond bombshell-  look that came to captured the face of a whole decade - the 70s. We did very sadly lose Farrah Fawcett recently in 2009 when she died at only 62- of cancer.
                      In 1977 Farrah duetted with a French actor Jean-Paul Vignon who was equally famous yet seems to sing alot better than Farrah on this track. Farrah's part on the duet is mostly spoken and almost Marilyn Monroe-eque yet works very well to change this rather traditional Eurovision latin ballad. Why this Eurovision runner-up was re-vamped a full 3 years after 1974- is unclear and it had very limited success in Europe mainly due to both these artists involved I would say-
                      Yet I do like how the whole style of this song was developed into a very different take on 'Si'
when it became 'You"   (click here to hear the track)

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