May 27, 2012

Eurovision Grand Final 2012 Random thoughts..

  What can I say... Eurovision 2012 is almost up on us. 

It has been so far with the two semi-finals a wonderful show from Crystal Hall. In particular the winners
interval act featuring Alexander Lena Dima & 5 years of winners -  that was a Eurovision treat that would have been better placed I think- for in the final tonight. Only thing I would common on -was  the winners medley were together with traditional azerbaijan instruments! 
 I found myself saying- "What they have traditional folk music and culture?' how come we never knew about it?
 Answer- "It has never shown up in any Azerbaijan song contest entries past or present- oh well maybe for 2013.

  This year once again it is difficult to pick a winner?- the same problem as I recall in 2011 in Dusseldorf.
Now in 2012- we have alot stronger performers I think- and the song quality well is it better?
Personally I think some countries have put forward a great song, knowing as song it may certainly not win. Could this be because 
Eurovision has become so huge only certain countries have the resources and money to be a host country? There is discussion from the EBU that the contest may experience a down scale in 2013.

I get the feeling that maybe it is time for a favourite to shine- abit like Alexander Rybak did in 2009 in Moscow- It goes without saying at schlagertunes -we want to see a Sweden's Loreen win. Not only does she have the most popular song of 2012 and wonderful performance- she is a fantastic very original artist. 
Yet- is it true the favourites don't win anymore?

Ok if that is the case we can rule out Sweden even Italy- another song and artist I like alot this year. So if it turns out
we find 2012 is the year of perhapes a dark horse coming forward to take the prize -

There can only be one - dark horse this year -it is Estonia Ott Lepland' he is the one to watch and most certainly his semi-final performance was amazing. Lets see what happens...good luck to them all may the
very best song win. :)

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