May 24, 2012

My random comments from Tuesdays Eurovision semi final 1

All the excitement has finally begun in Baku While here in Melbourne down under we have delayed telecast broadcast on Friday evening I tend to download a broadcast from my motherland in Uk and as I like Scott Mills he's fun. So this post is some schlagertune comments as I saw and heard the songs for the first time on stage- (other than listening to the Eurovision 2012 official Cd of course) 
So if you have yet to see the semi final 1 (just don t worry this post will not reveal any results for any Aussie fans and bloggers). 
Montenegro - Must be one of the worst Eurovision opening songs ever ever! And the horse what was that for? It did not work or make sense to me!
 Latvia - This is one of my firm favorite songs of 2012 from the Cd I still luv it yet am worried the performance and set is too minimalistic for the song .... but please mr god let it qualify? 
Greece - I was not so keen on this tune but now I luv it! It really takes us back to 2005 and The performance is for me very Helena Paparizou -Mark II and the song is very modern
Albania - A classic example of a fantastic singer with a bare terrible tune now see how Albania will qualify for all the wrong reasons - Scott Mills said 'hide your pets' before the song started too right-
 our puppy charlie was scared !
 Iceland - this song for me just has'nt got it for me- it just has never yet clicked but I cannot imagine a Eurovision final without Iceland in it-
 Romania - this is a country that has -one of the best-track records in recent Eurovision history and I luv their entries- so imagine my horror to find I am sorry to say -I am just not keen on this year's offering !
Romania you can do much better?
 Switzerland -it's the Swiss Italian version of 'The Killers' I hope the lads qualify they sound great Live although the song is rather average in Eurovision Tune-terms - for me
 Belguim - a sweet ballad - its almost the Tom Dice - Me & My guitar- effect again with a female singer Sorry belguim not a second time ! I cannot see Iris in the final.
 Finland - a much better ballad Than "Would you" yet will a Swedish ballad pick up a lot of votes Swedish Melodifestivalen has not chosen a ballad for a very long time hmmmm...I think I understand why not now!
Isreal - this song is very different for 2012 and suddenly I think it may work- but Isreal you are up against the Russian grannies/Jedward will take the novelty votes for 2012 is their any left for Isreal?

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