Nov 10, 2012

Eurovision's Song 2 or even Song 3 - Is it really the kiss of death?


 The debate is running 'hot' should Eurovision Song Contest's Grand Final running order be choosen or not? Or a random draw as has been the case according to the rule-book recently. Just how important is it?
For a long time it has been asumned that if your country sings early on in the massive Grand Final proceedings you have not a chance of winning- or even getting a respectable Top 3 placing particularly for song 2 or even Song 3.
     Most certainly early on you would perhapes want to make the best and the greatest memorable impression- but surely that is a minor draw-back?

  So we consulted the -Eurovision History book To find out how many songs if any have found success on the scoreboard from singing early on...

We have a couple of Song 1 winner's famously UK's Brotherhood of Man in 1976 'Save all your kisses for me' and Sweden The Herreys in 1984 with 'Diggi lou, Diggi lay'

 Of course the first song 1- does stay in our memory-bank better we know this- but historically Song 3 in fact has given us a few more winners than lucky Song 1- The three winners were-

1958- France: Andre Claveau "Dors, Mon Amour

1971- Monaco: Severine "Un Banc Un Arbre Une Rue"

1994- Ireland:  Paul Harrington Charlie McGettigan "Rock n Roll Kids"

So what of the Song 2 stigma - that is talked about so much- is it really true?

Well being the Song 2 has still actually brought two 3rd places-

1997 Turkey: Sebnem Paker "Dinle"

and two 4th places.

1974 United Kingdom: Olivia Newton- John 'Long live love'

1977 Monaco: Michele Torr 'Une Petite Francaise'

Most recent being in 2002 -
UK's Jessica Garlick - 'Come back' -

She was a unlucky Song 2 that scored 111 points and finished in 3rd place. Since then in 2002- UK entries have not improved on this result! that was all born from a Song 2 running place at Eurovision final. Then in Dusseldorf Eurovision 2010 -Bosnia & Herzegovina's Dino Merlin sang the Song 2 'Love in Rewind' going on to
score a big 125 points and a 6th placing. It was certainly one of that years highlights and successes.

So what if 2009's Alexander Rybak was a Song 2 with 'Fairytale' would the history books been very different? I think not, perhapes Norway may not have clocked up massive 387 points. But you cannot change a good song- and mostly a massively popular song wins regardless, I think. The few exceptions above we found out- are actually rather great old songs still remembered fondly in Eurovision-dome.

So for Malmo and Eurovision Final 2013- pick carefully EBU/Svt  that song 2. It may turn out to be a huge success after all...

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