Oct 7, 2012

Look who has gone back into the Studio- Abba's Agnetha

'another comeback' what joy-

This week saw a exciting News report-

Abba's Agnetha Faltskog- she is so often labled as the recluse, the abba member who is constanlty in hiding?
all these crazy stories. Yet as far as keeping the schlager-dream alive, she is the only one member of the band today who wants to do more 'new' music for the international market.
 Abba -who almost single handedly changed the musical pop landscape forever in the mid- seventies, have never reformed on stage or in the studio. Yet Agentha looks set to record another international album - after her 2004 'My Colouring Book'

The blond-one Agentha so often under estimated in the shadow of her band mates and main songwriters Bjorn & Benny. Certainly she has wrote her own pop tunes since her breakthrough in 1968 in Sweden. Last time- at the time of 'My Colouring Book' questions were asked- will we see any completly new
songs penned by Agnetha? Then the whole album turned out to be an album of covers - a tribute, in her very own style- to those 1960's female singers that Agnetha grew -up with.

This new concept will not be simply a 'Colouring Book 2'- we think. Seeing as it's been confirmed in the press that Agnetha's producer will be
Jorgen Elofsson, who has worked with Celine Dion, Westlife and wrote Britney's 'You drive me crazy'  
and recorded recently with Marie Serneholt, Charlotte Perrelli Eric Saade & Agnes.

Certainly this new album release should finally put those Garbo rumours to rest, it seems very likely Agentha enjoys a full and active happy life-style on her farm. She pops up at public events, quiet regularly in Stockholm now-a-days and now in her sixties still has a passion to let her voice be heard all over the world-
it's likely to be a long wait for her the abba-studio process has always been a long one - and well worth waiting for.

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