Nov 8, 2012

All now Making plans for Malmo 2013


  As the plans are taking shape for Eurovision 2012 over at SVT / EBU some interesting format changes came to light recently for next year.
               One of the most interesting was for the competition to return to the single host format as Eurovision scales back- on the annual bigger and better annual progress- normally resulting in more
special effects and larger sports venues. Finally they realized this is a song contest  and not a sport. So for Malmo it will be back to basics certainly no LCD screens on stage and an element of  smaller eurovision contests of the past. With only one contest host this news was a surprise annouchment I think seeing as Melodifestivalen contest normally offers two or more hosts that format seem to entertain rather well for the home national audience. So Sweden has a whole army of possible presenters for a Tv host at Eurovision 2013 it will be a hard one for SVT to pick the best one? It will have to be someone who can Sing Dance and be multi lingual?

But wait there is more changes for Malmo- we know how SVT love to change things around and next year will be no different. Yet this time they plan to get rid of the random song running order selection for Eurovision grand final. This has created quiet some reaction in Eurovisdome and on the web myself I think it will not made too much difference and this rule has always been a double edged sword. As in the past one of the best songs of the year can be lost in the early song placing as well as a bad song taking a prime place in the running order. A smooth running order made by the show producers would nt be too bad - as long as only the songs that prove their worth in the semi final voting get prime Grand Final places. It would be outrageous to give a top 3 semi final song as Song 2 or 4 in the final running I like this new rule and think it fits in well with the back to basic contest format. Til then it will cause some debates as did the 50/50 jury voting change.

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