Jun 23, 2012

The only way is Up Up for Loreen after Eurovision 2012

Loreen has had a huge impact with the dance tune and hit 'Euphoria' and grand winner of Eurovision. Even before the contest 
been Loreen's Melodifestivalen winner had charted already in 14 countries, abit of a record for a entry that at the time not 
been presented on the Eurovision stage.  

Strangely enough in recent Eurovision year dance music and Eurovision have not been 
a wonderful mix, it was Gina G's 'Oh aah just a little bit' of 1997 that proved one of the only historical exceptions to the dance music
rule. Gina's UK No 1 hit kick-started her pop dance career yet only finished in 8th place at Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo.

Loreen's victory in Baku- as expected the swedish favourite had even greater chart success all over Europe. However what was
quite unexpected was the record breaking UK chart success. While the Brits love and get into the annual Eurovis spirit of things each year
The Eurovision winning songs have not found any real record breaking sales success even names like Alexander Rybak and Germany's Lena hardly cracked the mighty
UK Top 10 singles. Until 'Euphoria' that is- the tune debuted at No: 85 and shot into the top 3 and peaked at No: 3 the last time a Eurovision winner was so high in the UK
sales chart was way back in 1987- With the second Jonny Logan winner and international world wide hit 'Hold me Now'

Loreen will I am sure continue her success in Europe with a planned new Album promised soon later this year. It will be very interesting to see 
 the musically direction this record will take? I hope Loreen will continue her work with wrier and producer Peter Bostrom, on some of the new tracks. One
thing we will be assured of is Loreen will have her own style and amazing spirit to whatever come after this Euphoria of wonderful

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