Feb 10, 2016

Melodifestivalen Semi Final 1: Goteburg : Ace & Robin all the way

The first show of the Melodifestivalen season kicked off in Goteburg, and what a wonderful show it was,  full of great music and the wonderful presenter Petra Mede. How could it go wrong?
Well we had the schlager tragedy (que Bee Gees) when Anna Book's song was disqualified just a head of Melodifestivalen week one. We still got to see Anna Book's schlager magic during the show and after the first round of voting, personally I loved the song, but I am not convinced "Himmel for Tva' would have made it out of the Second Chance round to be in the final in the end !

Melodifestivalen started how the Final in 2015 started with Samir & Viktor and 'Bada Nakna'- I luv this track,  it seems perhapes better than 'Groupie' and another swedish chart hit. You could see Viktor's real disapointment with not going direct to the Grand Final. I think this track will get through Second Change round without a problem. 'Bada Nakna' is already No: 1 on the swedish i-tunes chart, just above Mimi Werner's 'Ain't No Good' & "Rik" Albin & Mattias. "Rik" I did not rate too highly on the night, in fact Mimi Werner's song I through would be a better second changer. Ever popular singer Mattias carried the track and the public votes, I was asking myself is Sweden ready for a Samir & Viktor mark#2? Not just yet!

Then came Robin Bengtsson, who has been away from the swedish music scene for a short-while, but what a comeback track, I like 'Constellation Prize' a lot. Already I can see Robin Bengtsson as being one of the best songs of 2016. At this early stage I will place Robin Top 3 or Top 5. This track is very fresh and new, with a hint of One Direction-esque to it. Go Robin Go.

The big question in Goteberg was will Ace Wilder get a ticket direct to Friends Arena? Yes you can & she did, although 'Busy Doin Nothing'  was a mega hit for Ace Wilder. I was not a great fan of the song, it was caughty but too gimmicky if you asked me. So with 'Don't Worry' Ace has come up with a far better song and dropped the gimmicks and wham bam,  she will be back in the charts with this new single. I can also see those International juries of the Melodifestivalen Final liking Ace as well as Robin.

So great tunes already in the final, I cannot wait to see more next weekend.

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