Feb 24, 2016

Jamala for Ukraine is going to Stockholm 2016. We are glad...

Jamala, she made a small impression on Eurovision back in 2011 with her track 'Smile' the track had the ingredients for a great Eurovision entry. Yet Jamala finished 2nd, then withdrawn from a second Ukrainian Grant Final to choose a new song back in 2011. Finally the song 'Angel' was choosen it's hard to believe that was 5 years ago,
Now Jamala is back and this time she won the Ukrianan National Final with her self penned '1944' it's a very powerful song about the journey taken by her grandmother when they were deported along with 250,000 Crimean Tatar people in 1944.
This song has created a real stir on social media,  as people think it may hold a policital statement, that is against the ESC rules. I like the song alot its diffent, yet funky and '1944' has great potencial to do very well in Stockholm. In fact Ruslana judging in the Ukraine National Final said Jamala could take the prize in ESC Stockholm. I think Ruslana could be right, and Jamala has the talent and image to pull off a win. So have we seen and hear a Eurovision winner already? There is still alot more songs and entries  to be chosen at this early stage. I do think Ukraine will fast become a favourite for 2016.

The best report of the whole Jamala rise and her song is best reported here at ESCDaily, a most interesting article.

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