Feb 13, 2016

Austria has chosen Zoe for Stockholm, with a song completely in french!

Austria had a marathon 'Wer Singt Fur Osterreich'National final featuring 10 songs, plus a super final and two star judges with Conchitta & american Jule Frost (songwriter of Satellite in 2010) although a long process. I liked they way they presented the artists. The staging was very good, but lacked originality with a couple of songs, it was really a case of...did you not know that has been done before at ESC recently.

My own favourite was Sankil Jones, who had a different voice and a song called 'One More Sound' his performance was great. Only the song just lacked a little something, next year maybe?

The winner Zoe, was lucky second time around as just last year she came 3rd with a 1920's style 'Quel Filou' in the Austrian final. Last year Zoe sung in mainly english, although she writes and sings fully in french. So for this year she made the switch to full french with great success- Zoe won the ticket to Stockholm with her new track 'Loin d'ici'. It's interesting how the jury panel complained that french - may hold her back at Eurovision! One jury member even asked why she was not singing in german instead.

Thankfully the austrian public votes went almost totally differently from the jury votes on the night. It's worth noting Zoe's has a full french album released 'Debut' available on i-tunes. I have one firm favourite for Stockholm 2016 with "Loin d'ici"

Last year's third placed 'Quel Filou' by Zoe.

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