Jan 17, 2016

Review of Germany's Song for Stockholm 2016- One's to watch out for..

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Well this year Germany have certainly turned things around after that last placing in Vienna. When
Ann Sophie sang 'Black Smoke' Then after much confusion about the Xavier Naidoo-saga last year, NDR did a 90 degree about turn, and went from a internal selection to finally having a National selection next month. (as they normally do anyhow! phew! )
Alot of the songs in the final, are released already this month and available to listen to, and I am impressed with a few entries. The standard seems to have lifted in the past 12 months in Germany, one of my favourites is KEOMA a duo who have the haunting 'Protected' song, with the right presentation this certainly has a 'goosebumps factor 9' and the one to check out for me. (I have it download already + dance mix)

Then we have a safer choice of Jamie Lee Kriewitz singing 'Ghost' this has already risen to No: 11 in the German charts last month, as Jamie Lee was the most recent winner of The Voice of Germany. So this will certainly be the one to beat as the german public should vote for a radio hit song they know so well.
Ralph Siegel has some serious competition with Laura Pinski, yet this tune has been kept under wraps and should be completely new and fresh, I hope it will be very different from 2015's 'Chain of Light' and put Herr Siegel back on top?

Here is the full line up for the German National Final, it should be an interesting and lets hope non of the artists opt out like what happened in 2015 at the national final.

Alex Diehl - Nur ein Lied
Ella Endlich - Adrenalin
Gregorian - Masters Of Chant
Jamie-Lee Kriewitz - Ghost
Joco - Full Moon
Keøma - Protected
Laura Pinski - Under The Sun We Are One
Luxuslärm - Solange Liebe in mir wohnt
Woods of Birnam - Lift Me Up (From The Underground)

The show 'Unsere lied for Stockholm' is on 28th February 2016

                                             'Hello, my name is Jamie- Lee from Germany'

Thanks to FB for photos cover pics

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