Jan 8, 2012

Yes - Jedward will be back in 2012- & have a tune to bring more irish Eurovision glory

Work-In-Progress - as Jedward try-out a song for Baku

Although Ireland have the record for an amazing 7 Eurovision winners, mainly due to the whole contest during the ninties becoming a annual Irish
Euro Song Contest (as they won 4 times ) however in recent years they have not been so strong. In fact previous to last year we have to go back to 2006 & Brian Kennedy's 'Every Song Is A Cry For Love' ( that finished in 10th place)
In Dusseldorf Le Jedward twins changed all this and brought Ireland a 8th placing during a maze of hyper crazy publicity. Jedward during Eurovision Song Contest 2011 saw Ireland get 3 times 12 points in the voting- the same amount as Azerbaijan's Ell & Nicki winner 'Running Scared' a worthy
comeback to the big league for Ireland.

So once again Jedward will submit a Eurovision song for Ireland in 2012- and this year for Ireland's own National Final selection they will have a Music industry mentor system to find an artist & song. This system has been subject of much criticism back in ireland- where even Johnny Logan has said it seems to stray away from the fact that it is and should be more about the song than the artist selection.

Linda Martin as a mentor (see above) has choosen Jedward to be her artist for the 2nd year running- and along with UK X-Factor judge Louis Walsh. He is Jedward's manager- They have had just 100's of songs sent in to them to be a possible Irish National Final entry, the one song has now been choosen by Louis.
In the latest statement from Linda Martin- they are actively searching for strong Male backing singers for the Jedward performance. As apparently they are in short supply in Ireland and hard to come by! (Hey, why not try Stockholm- they have heaps- and it worked for Azerbaijan in 2011!!!)

So it looks highly likey we could have a return of the twin Jedwards! We just hope for 2012 they try and do something a little different
this time and perhapes even a new hair style? dare I say it-
but can IRE afford that amount of hairspray in 2012.

We look forward to the new Jedward tune on The Late Late Show Eurosong 2012 on February 24th.

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