Jan 21, 2012

Deltävling 1- Melodifestivalen 2012 Round One- Växjö

Yes- its just a matter of weeks before the whole Melodifestivalen show kicks off on 4 th Febuary 2012
how simply exciting - so we are going to have a look at that all important running order, plus some of the new/old schlager artists in the first two shows . Eurovision fans everywhere are awaiting just to see what Sweden has in store for Baku- Round one is almost like a BBC 2 repeat of 2010, some viewers in Sweden may watch thinking 'hold on- is'nt this a song from last year! I remember this...have we got the right channel?"

All due to the fact that we have -The Moniker, the fabulous Loreen & then Marie Serneholt who sang last year but as the main host on Melo 2010! Let's check out the new names--

Abalone Dots- are a girl band from Vastervik (and before you ask 'No-Bjorn Ulvaeus is not their Manager!') In fact they are a little bit West Coast country and have had a couple of swedish albums already. With a third album on the way this spring-

Sean Banan (above)- he kicks off the show with Song 1- Sean is a TV comedian and musician + dancer-
This will be a fun start to Melo 2012, we are hoping Sean will keep his pants on for the performance- or actually maybe?
Sean- is of iranian birth, and has lived in goteburg since he was 2 years old- His main claim to fame is the
hit song 'Skaka Rumpa' that was a big hit last year in Sweden made No: 8
- so this could be his next big hit?

Le Running Order.

1. Sean Den Förste Banan – Sean Banan

2. På väg – Abalone Dots

3. I Want To Be Chris Isaak (This Is Just The Beginning) – The Moniker

4. The Boy Can Dance – Afro-Dite

5. Mystery – Dead by April

6. Salt & Pepper – Marie Serneholt

7. Jag reser mig igen – Thorsten Flinck och Revolutionsorkestern

8. Euphoria – Loreen

There is a real mix in this round with a soul - pop tune from Afro-Dite who are hoping to sing for Sweden at Eurovision for a second time
after being winners back in 2003.

Thorsten Flinck- he is new for us, mainly an actor and singer -who is known for acting as psychopaths & villains and he did a cover of 'Where the wild Roses grow' (sung by Nick Cave with Kylie Minogue of course) should we be scared by this prospect? the song translated to english means 'I rise again'
so I think we should be...a good choice for Baku?

hmmmm.....Vampires are alive (again) it did'nt work for Switzerland in Eurovision 2007.

On the subject of rock'n'horror for Song 5 expect heavy rock from a big Rock name in Sweden Dead by April- this could be the rock song of the season- wrote by Pontus Hjelm. Certainly one to watch or if not, a good time to put the kettle on.
It could mean in this year's Melo Globen Final you'll have at least one cuppa tea, think of it that way?

I will be cheering certainly in this first round for the fabulous Loreen with a Thomas G-Son tune, she can do no wrong
and Marie Serneholt as she will look and sound fantastic like Marie back in 2009
singing 'Disconnect Me'- plus Afro-Dite
if they have the right songs.
It will be a tuff first round in Melodifestivalen when just anything can happen!

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