Jan 6, 2012

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix promises to be Une Internationaire affair for 2012

It was announced this past week how DR in Denmark will present the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2012 to be held in Aalborg
on 21st January 2012. Last years Grand Prix show actually won awards in Denmark for being the best TV event of last year.
We certainly agree DMGP 11 was a spectacular show-and we will be tuned in the next 3 weeks.
The recent Eurovision Final track record has found Denmark to be the most successful Scandinavian country for having Top 5 placings,
in fact Denmark have qualified now 4 years in a row (Iceland equal this feat) so it will be all eyes on Denmark will they score
in the Top 5 this year or hit the jackpot to be winners in 2012.

They will be changing the rules for voting to bring in International Jury members from Norway Germany Russia & Azerbaijan.
Following in Sweden's lead of Melodifestivalen 2011.
In 2012 the danes who do not mess around with Semi Final warm-ups, will go straight to a final of 10 songs. They even have a specially
designed new stage for this event to find the song to fly the Danish flag at Baku 2012. See an impression of the new stage see above- (could there be a hint of Sydney Opera House there for the stage?- that was also designed by a dane)

Enought - let's see the 8 successful song submissions with 3 DR invited wildcards- for
Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2012-

  1. Jesper Norshtedt - Take out hearts (wildcard)
  2. Valen:Tine - Nowhere
  3. Aya - Best thing I got - From the songwriters John Gordon/Julie Frost of 'Satelite'
  4. Kenneth Potempa - Reach the sky
  5. Ditte Marie - Overflow - The lead singer from Le Freak '25 Hours a day' (2011)
  6. Phillip Hallou & Emilia - Baby love me
  7. Suriya - Forever I be young (wildcard)
  8. Karen Viuff - Universe
  9. Soluna Samaay - Should have known better - one songwriter of the 2011 winner 'New Tomorrow'
  10. Chris Brons and Patrick Isaksson - Venter (wildcard)

Exciting Schlager-times in this song line-up is the return of Fan favourites of MGP last year
'Le Freak' retro-disco band-
Well almost with the lead singer Ditte Marie going solo with song 5 - 'Overflow'
another one to watch is Song 3 -as the very same song writing dou who gave us 'Satelite' for Germany's Lena
are back for another go with 'The Best thing I got'

We cannot wait to see what Denmark has got for us...

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