Jan 27, 2012

Deltävling 2- Melodifestivalen 2012 Göteborg

Does Ulrik- have the right stuff for Melodifestivalen 2012?

So let's have a look at Goteburg semi final this is one of my
Favorites for the reason we find 3 veterans returning for a new-go at Melodifestivalen glory.
Andreas Lundstedt without his Alcazar girls! with a powerful song of bitter sweet love.
Then let's not forget
Sonja Alden - she has a great melo track record as a singer and song writer
So it's gonna be a hard battle for those two slots at Globen. We may just see the first popular ballad come out of

I have this crazy crazy idea that Timoteij - or the TimTams as my blog-translators calls
these folk-chicks- have great potential we think to win Eurovision with
the right schlager-tune! so these are the names schlager fans know already well
The other 5 all debut in Melodifestivalen- the very New Kids on the block-

Top-cats- will sing 'Baby Doll' a tune wrote by one half of Lili & Susie a duo who are always welcome to melodifestivalen - even if they are not going to give us the pleasure of a performance in 2012. That's to be done- by none other than a young Rock-a-billy/ dansband called 'Top cats'. The three guys who are very easy on the eyes (see below) and
should give us a breath of fresh-air and even a saucer of milk! who knows?

Ulrik Munther- back in 2009 Ultik Minther won Lilla Melodifestivalen & went on to win Nordic MGP 2009 with a song he wrote himself 'En vanlig dag' a very typical swedish pop hit.
He has found fame with a huge debut album- and is credited as making Lady Gaga 'Born this way' his own way with a cover of this great international pop hit. He is already a popular favourite to win this year- even before the song is made public - so don't let under estimate The Ulrik.

David Lindgren- at just 25 years of age David is a new swedish star of musical theater - with roles in High School Musical, the German version of Mamma Mia & Hairspray. So it will be interesting to see how young David does, as so many Musical stars have gone belly-up in Melodifestivalen. Let's see if the tune is something to shout about?

Thomas DiLeva- it's amazing Thomas has not eventured into melo- land before now as he
could be considered to be a New Age version of Demis Roussos from the 70's and often wears those
same kafta's. Thomas has been around since the late 80's and released an amazing 17 albums, the most recent one
in 2011.

The Running Order
1. Soldiers – Ulrik Munther
2. Baby Doll – Top Cats
3. I din himmel – Sonja Aldén
4. Aldrig aldrig – Andreas Lundstedt
5. Stormande hav – Timoteij
6. Shout It Out – David Lindgren
7. Det går för långsamt – Mimi Oh
8. Ge aldrig upp – Thomas Di Leva

Then last but not least is already a big Melo fan favourite is Mimi Oh with her own brand of 80's style
electro pop- her Ep '1986' was very popular in Sweden last year- Mimi's Melo entry is called 'Det Gar For Langsamt'
in the meantime while we wait for this tune to come out- the same songwriters have released
'Sakerhetsnal' (Safety Pin)

as a teaser of what to expect from Mimi Oh next month.
We feel a schlager classic coming up in this Melodifestivalen tune- already!

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