Jan 7, 2012

mimi oh or mimmie oh - Ohhh no -a clash of the mimi's in 2012!

With a new season of National finals & Melodi Grand Prix- we very often have a clash of song titles!
for example last year Melodifestivalen had two tunes called 'Oh My God' and while popsters Le Kid looked set to be
a sweet euro-tune for the final. However The Monkier took the glory in 2011- Now we just noticed we have two different artists in Norway & Sweden competing for a place in Baku! Can we imagine the confusion if Sweden sends
Mimi Oh- and Norway Mimmie Oh- and Oh -both girls have a simular look as well- and are not the same artist.

Thankfully Norway's Monica Johansen (Mimmie Oh) has a whole troup of electronic dancing boys + on vocals joined by Marthe Valle according to Norsk's Per Sudnes MGP host this new act will show us simply the best vocal performance for MGP.

Meanwhile one of our personal faves is over in Sweden's Melodifestivalen with singer Mimi Oh- (above)
she had a big summer debut EP in sweden called '1986' last year- this EP title also sums up her electro 80's/90's sound. Check out Mimi Oh's

To hear just what sweden can offer us in Melo 2012 - we think Mimi Oh could be just the ticket for Sweden
at Baku. Meanwhile Mimmie Oh are know as more alternative sound from Oslo-

If you are ohhh so confused- don't worry!
we will have a full spot-the-difference post later on before the final's

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