Nov 12, 2011

Red One's Love Generation is lookin to go all the way to Baku on the Melo- Bus 2012

Melodifestivalen 2012 is turning out to be a good year for Big Stars following Eurovision Song Contest 2011- that gave Sweden a 3rd placing with Eric Saade -a new confidence seems to have returned to Melodifestivalen. One such internationaly famous star is- producer/song writer RedOne who has made his name from writing alot of Lady Gaga hits-
'Bad Romance' 'Poker Face' & her debut 'Lets Dance'
Last year he brought to the Melodifestivalen stage a new girl band- Love Generation. And according to the Swedish press Love Generation will sing a new Red One song for Melo 2012 called 'Just a little bit' . Le Love Gen Girls could find more than one girl bands to chalenge them -with the return of Afro Dite (song 'The Boy can Dance'). The three piece pop dance group who won Melodifestivalen back in 2003 already with 'Never Let it Go' are rumoured to be with us in Melo 2012.
Marie Serneholt has also worked with RedOne before when he produced A-Teens album 'Teen Spirit' before his Gaga
glory days. Marie who was our wonderful host in Melo 2011 is set to make a return for a 2nd try for Melodifestivalen success- and we hope this time Marie will make it to Globen- with some 'Salt and Pepper' for her tune!

This News - has come via the Swedish press- who speculate each year who will be in Melodifestivalen the following spring. The press are normally not far off the truth- however- the offical list of artists- is due out at the end of November 2012...

Timoteij- which translated into Australian means The TimTams !!

Also another schager-tastic return for the folk girls Timoteij - there gave us one of the best Melodifestivalen entries of recent times with 2010's 'Kom' since then they have had great success in scandinavia & overseas & dueted with Alexander Rybak- his folk tune blended perfectly with Timoteij. Their song for Melo 2012 is one of many swedish tunes 'Stormande hav' I just cannot wait to hear this track- as 'Kom' has always been one of our favourites- even in it's english version as 'Run' (check it out)

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