Nov 26, 2011

Andreas Lundstedt is back- with a bittersweet Tune called 'Never, Never' ( in swedish)

With the release of the stars of who will be in Melodifestivalen 2012 -we had a few surpises but not too many well- kept secrets as alot of the artists had been revealed from recent swedish press stories. Let's have a look at a few of the names- One firstly we all know so well is Andreas Lundstedt-
he is internationally known as the core member of Alcazar who broke-through with their massive hit 'Crying in the discoteque' a track that in 2001 was more successful in Australia, UK & Europe than at home in sweden where it only made 29 in the Swedish singles chart- however it did kick-start a career clocking up more than 12 million record sales by the end of 2005- alone.
Then alcazar reformed as a 3-some again in 2007- til 2011 when they took the 2nd break of the band's career- during this time they gave us one of their best albums with 'Disco Defenders' at the time of Melodifestivalen 2009 when 'Stay the Night' finished in 5th.
Andreas began his career in the big apple NYC he lived there from 1992-1995 making a name for himself in choreography -even training stars like Julia Roberts in dance. Then Andreas returned to Stockholm and began a Pop & stage career from back in 1996 when Andreas first debuted in Melodifestivalen -2 years running -as a solo artist- then a third time in 2007-

"Driver Dagg Faller Regn" (wrote by Alexander Bart Ola Hakansson & Tim Norell)
Finished in 2nd place to winner One More Time-

"Jag Saknar Dig Jag Sakner Dig" (wrote by Alexander Bart Ola Hakansson & Tim Norell)
Finished only in 5th place - when Blond won with 'Bara hon alskar mig'

-- At this time Andreas Lundstedt released a self-titled solo album with some great songs all in english- remember during the 90s Melodifestivalen/Eurovision rules meant entries had to be song in the native language. That was different for Andreas at Melodifestivalen 2007- with:

"Move" (wrote by Andreas Lundstedt-Joan Rohr)
Finished 6th in Semi-final 1 in Jonkoping-
So now for 2012 Andreas will sing again in swedish the tune 'Aldrig Aldrig'- in a recent short interview he revealed this new song as a bitter-sweet break-up
tune perfect for him to sing- and wrote with Andreas in mind- He was not sure if he should have a go at Melodifestivalen again solo-
however the song changed his mind- it will be a tough year in Melodifestivalen to enter again- up against some of Sweden's biggest names.
Andreas may even be up against his one-time fellow band-mate ( in Alcazar ) &
also former BF- if Magus Carlsson also makes a comeback for 2012.
This would be pure joy to see both schlager boys at Globen in 2012!

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