Oct 2, 2011

A New Playlist -The Best Tunes-Oct 2011

1- You Came to Me Classic NRG Mix- Anne Marie David
2- Boom- Lo-Fi Fnk
3- Yes Man- Bjorn Johan Muri
4- Pusti Me U san- Luka Nizetic (Croatia 07)
5- Till Tomorrow- Alexander Panayotov -NEW
6- Eaten Alive- Man Meadow
7- A Song for Our Friends- German Tenors (Germany 00) -NEW
8- I'm so in Love- Sanna Neilsen
9- Hearts in the Air- Eric Saade feat.J-Son
10- Magic (Peacy & Murphy Mix)- Olivia Newton-John
11- Bailamor (English Vers) - Lili & Susie -NEW
12- We don't wanna put in- Stephane & 3G -NEW
13- Get up- DiscoBrothers & The Weather Girls (Germany 02) -NEW
14- Running Scared (Niclas Kings Mix)- Eldar & Nigar
15- Songs that live forever- Thomas Anders (Germany 06) -NEW
16- I Believe in You- RXM Project & Jenny Silver -NEW
17- Little Lies- Tone Damli Aaberge
18- Wake up (Ola Salo/Jens Anderson Remix)- Lo-Fi-Fnk
19- Guess who rules the world- Roger Cicero -NEW
20- Fantasy Island (New Version 2010)- Tight Fit

Le Playlist chart - is what's on the listening-pod of schlagertunes- each month our playlist
of The 20 best songs we have -on repeat--
So you may well notice alot of German melodi
pre-selection songs in the chart for October. Like the grand tune from Modern Talking's Thomas Anders (No:15) who has wrote of Eurovision before- however in 2006 was 2nd placed
when Texas Lightning won with 'No No Never' Plus certainly the tune what may take the prize for the best ever disqualified tune in Eurovis' History In 2009 -Georgia 's Stephane & 3G who did not really want to put in?

or did they? the group have turned out to be more than a political novelty (No:12)

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