Oct 23, 2011

Ell & Nikki comeback together in London- and chat about Baku + that Loose Dennzy Report from 2011!!

Ell & Nikki -
the duo who have made Eurovision history as well as Azerbaijan history in 2011- Infact the last time a girl/boy
duo won Eurovision - we have to go back to Denmark's first win in 1963 when Grethe & Jorgrn Ingmann sang 'Dansevise' in London.
So will this mean a lot more Love-duo's will be seen in the Eurovision contest in the future? it certainly was alot more common place back in the 60-70's
Meanwhile Ell & Nikki have still to record even a debut album together or a follow-up single to 'Running Scared'
the couple did come together a few days ago for 'a celebration of 20 Years of Azerbaijan' independence held in Central Hall
in Westminster- For Nikki it was a short bus ride from her home in Palmers Green- where she lives, but for Ell it was his very first time in
London amazingly!
Thankfully ESCtoday/Russel Davis -was there to record this event for everyone in an interview with these Eurovision 2011 winners this casual chat about the next
Eurovision 2012, Baku- a New album, wine !- we think Nikki is so much fun
telling us how she still scans U-tube watching more Eurovis' clips- It's time to make her an honest -
Recording artist Ell?

Ell & Nikki sung there one & only tune (to-date) 'Running Scared'

Nikki had alot more to chat about on ITVs Loose Woman -with the faab Denise Welch- very funny

& recap of 'Dennzy Does Dusseldorf' (Loose Woman's Eurovis' report with Blue) - this must rank as the best Eurovision Report of the 2011 ( send Dennzy to Baku -pleeeze for 2012)

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