Oct 22, 2011

Lena Philipsson Pop-Power is on the way back with an album for 2012!

Lena Philipsson-
is one of the icon's of Melodifestivalen -she has been in the song contest 4-times previously & most of Lena's tunes had become swedish Schlager classics:

Kärleken är evig (1986),
Dansa i neon (1987),
Om igen (1988) & last time Lena's 2004 winner 'Det gör ont'/'It hurts' that has gone on to be one of the most popular
songs ever to come out of Melodifestivalen.

So each year there is speculation on if Lena will comeback to improve on her winning position of 2004. It's a bit of a risk that diva's like Carola & Charlotte Perrelli have already taken the plunge and returned to the Melo stage to follow-up on a past win. Now even if Lena was
to return- it would be one of the best kept Melo-secrets for sure. However Lena Philipsson's lable maybe
just giving us a 'massive hint' with the up coming Pop album of Lena's due for release very soon.
The lead single has come out Nästa säsong & climbing the swedish chart lists.

The album was due for release at the end of November 2011- It has been delayed by her lable now until February 2012. It seems a little strange to want to release this long-awaited album - right in the middle of the Melo- season and at the time of the Melodifestivalen Globen-final. Unless the reason is Lena Philipsson will have another stab at Melo/Eurovision glory!
-Or it could mean just another Melo-guest appearance as Lena Ph did this year in the semi final in Linkoping
when she sung 'Idiot' an eletro-pop single from this same album- whatever happens this new album promises to
be amazing pop treat for us all.
But- certainly the ultimate would be to have lena Philipsson back at Globen singing for Sweden.

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