Oct 2, 2011

The current Melodifestivalen 2012 Rumour-Mill from Stockholm

-Erik from EMD puts on his Melo-socks for 2012

To quote Donna Summer-'there's a rumour- rumour has it- all around the town' ..

This is certainly is true in Stockholm-town- as Svt prepare for Melodifestivalen 2012. The press story's we like the best
and hope will become a reality is for E M D the three guys gave us the fab 'Baby Goodbye' in Melo 2009. Although the
lads have a new album coming up- they will only appear in Melo 2012 as solo artists. Last year we had Danny-
(In the Club) so next year could see 2 submissions from both Erik Segerstedt & Mattias Andreasson.

Another boyband to go head-to-head is both members of 'Rebound' Eddie Razaz & Rabih Jaber who recently split-up.
Lili & Susie could be following up on 2009's 'Show me heaven' as well as Timoteij another great idea, we approve of these two.

Former Eurovision winner Helena Paparizou is said to be part of a schalger-diva battle between Helena & Charlotte Perelli. We think charlotte could have the upper-hand here in the shape of some Kempe magic for her song.
As well as Jenny Berggren formally with Ace of Base- and Jenny did sing in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2011. However Jenny has never done Melodifestivalen. (she did do Dallas! no sorry- that was Debbie- lol)

Martin Rollnski from BWO & Alcazar's Lina Hedlund both could to be going solo for Melo next year. As well as Eric Saade's main love interest Molly Sanden & huge euro-dance artist September who has never done Melo before.

A strange-but maybe true rumour is for Fredirk Kempe to write a rock-tune for H.E.A.T who have the added advantage of a popular new lead vocalist Erik Gronwall ( he won Sweden's Idol 2009 ) We are thinking young Erik has just enough time to grow his hair longer before Febuary 2012 !

-Turning up the H.E.A.T for Melo 2012

The rumour we so want to be true is the return of Magnus Carlsson- it's been 5 years since his a-ha inspired Melo submission 'Live Forever'
Magnus previously from Barbados- has always been just perfect for Melo/Eurovision and coupled with the right tune could do Sweden proud.

so stay schlager-tuned to find out more--

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