Sep 30, 2011

Two Eurovision legends come together with a bid for Baku 2012

Although it's only September- it's never to early to put in bids to be in Eurovision 2012 in Baku. However normally we have only the ole rumour mills of scandinavia to bring us hope at this early stage of the proceedings- among the promised returns to Eurovision or Melodi Grand Prix is Alexander Rybak as a songwriter only -with Maria Haukaas Storeng on vocals. Maria is a firm favourite of mine since her performance of 'Hold on be strong' for Norway in 2008 this coupling could be a winning combination in Norsk Melodi Grand Prix.
Over in stockholm there is so much confusion of 'who will or won't' take part in Melodifestivalen 2012 contest- we expect songs from pop-master Fredrik Kempe -of course and according to the press -Kempe has been making plans for Charlotte Perrelli's comeback with one of his new tunes- We are not too confident this will become true -for our schlager 'Hero' (but fingers crossed)- As we recall just last year Charlotte Perrelli was said to have turned down performing the great tune 'Something in your eyes' that Jenny Silver made her own in Melodifestivalen 2011. So we know our Charlotte is rather picky with her Melo'song choices - and it's hard to follow up 'Take me to your heaven' or even 'Hero'

But wait there is more.. in the words of Iceland's Yohanna- 'is it true!' Yes, this one is true Take a listen here to

a tune called 'C'etait ma vie'

This is the 'wildcard' for Switzerland 2012 -who have there Pre-Selection TV show coming up shortly. This has to be the hottest contender to win as it will be the return to the competition for Lys Assia who won the very first Eurovision Song contest of 1957 with 'Refain' She is in her eighties now and Lys is known as Le grandmother of Eurovision. She is a very smart lady as she has comeback with two amazing songwriters in Ralph Siegel & Jean-Paul Cara- Ralph is called Mr Melodi Grand Prix in Germany -and wrote 19 past eurovision entries no less - the most famous being Germany's winner 'Ein Bisschen Freiden' by Nicole in 1982. While Jean-Paul wrote 'L'oiseau et l'enfant' the french winner of 1977 - so we can expect a more traditional french chanson from this terrific songwriting team. What a start for the new Eurovision season.
It seems Lys Assia needed not much convincing that a comeback after 57 years away from Eurovision was a good idea- it was back in June- at a birthday pary Ralph Siegel asked Lys if she would participate her reply was 'This would be my most greatest dream'
So Herr Ralph Siegel set about making the Eurovision dream become a reality- and this month a fine song has been recorded and ready for the Swiss early deadline- Lys has said to sing in Baku would be most certainly her crowning achievement of her career.

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