Sep 14, 2011

schlager Pop: 4- Marie Myriam - Le France winner of 1977

This year at Eurovision saw the return of France as a top favourite to win in Dusseldorf - with 'Sognu' by Amaury Vassili - It has now been 30 years since France won Eurovision Song Contest. Amaury Vassili finished in a disappointing 15th place. This tune could well have topped the list 10-15 years ago, so this does raise the question is Eurovision still all about a good new song! or has the size and all those para-technics all taken this european song contest somewhere else.

With this in mind- we are placing the spot-light on 'Marie Myriam' a wonderful french singer who seems to have frozen in time- the past traditional chanson-melody with her excellent winner of 1977 'L'oiseau Et L'enfant' (the bird and the child)
France have the track record of being winners five times. Yet they have an amazing record of between 1957-1970 during this 14 year period only once (1966) did they finish outside the Top 5 at Eurovision. A success run like this we may never see repeated today.

Marie Myriam is of portuguese origin, she was discovered performing at her father's restaurant 'L' Auberge de Marie' by the songwriter Jean-Paul cara. Marie was a genuine unknown talent even in homeland France before 7th May 1977 at Wembley UK. This Eurovision win took her career to brand new heights- followed several hit albums and songs such as 'Sentimentale'
(check out fab vid) a tune she sang at the Japanese Yamaha Music Festival in 1981.
Her most recent studio album was the wonderful 'Encore' CD from 2007 when Marie did a new almost jazzy version of her Eurovision winner. Marie has remained faithful to her family and two children during her singing career, and made several appearance at ESC presenting the french votings as well as being an active member of many French juries.
As well as singing at the 50th Anniversary concert in Copenhagen in 2005.
A few Eurovision artists really do 'shine' - as not just for being wonderful singers/artist but also down-to-earth people with a kind & modest personality for me -Marie Myriam is one of them.

Marie recently spoke for herself in a wonderful interview about her life, career and continued support to the Eurovision cause even in more modern times- As well as the full story of how Marie was held up returning to the stage at Wembley in 1977 to sing her wonderful encore -
with host Angela Ripon on the night. (final encore view here)

-with special thanks /and courtesy of 'Radio International'

'L'oiseau et l'enfant' that performance- that defined the French chanson

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