Sep 17, 2011

Netherlands will have a SongFestival Final 2012- with the help of this man-

The Dutch Nationaal Songfestival 2012: will take place in February 2012- this will be made up of 6 - 7 acts and songs
that will compete for a ticket to Baku- the host is rumoured to be...

Hans Klok is a household name in Holland- as well as being know in USA for his magic tricks as a magician- like a dutch David Coopperfield. He has worked before with Pamela Anderson, this time he will host the first Song Festival Final that Netherlands have staged in many years- how exciting is that - we cannot wait and hope this new format will work as well for the dutch- as it has for most of the scandinavian countries in Eurovision and Euro fans have come to expect a certain standard of excellent 'pop' acts in the National competition. The latest news from broatcaster TROS is they have well over 100 songs submitted- to date.

Well this time Hans really needs to pull something out of a Eurovision-Hat to save Netherlands at Baku 2012.
Certainly some kind of 'magic' is needed as the last time Netherlands made the Grand Final was in 2004. For the past 7 years we have had no dutch act in the Eurovision final-It certainly worked for Switzerland this year- they broke a
semi-final elimination run of 4 years missing out.
The Swiss did the same and began to hold a National Final - as previously they had just a internal selection. Next year will see the first year when EBU have a new ruling for Eurovision that each country is required to have somekind of open public National selection to choose a song to go forward for Eurovision.
This new rule seems very fair as any TV company can invite their biggest national artist to go forward and promote
a new single/song at Eurovision.

As for the man producing the New Song Festival show that task has gone to John deMol
- who may turn out to be Holland's very own Christer Bjorkman?
Lets wait n see..

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