Sep 13, 2011

Just Perfect for Baku 2012 -Alexander Panayotov with his new English single

Introducing a Russian artist Alexander Panayotov- many of you may remember his serious bid for Eurovision 2010.

With his tune 'Maya Showtime' it failed to go to Oslo- Eurovision 2010- this was the year Russia went with the strange choice of Peter Nalitch Band & 'Maya showtime' finished in 6th place.

Alexander Panayotov was born in Leningrad in 1984- and grew up in Kiev in Ukraine. He was a child-star who wrote his own songs from an early age- however rose to great fame in the Russian TV talent contest "Popstars" in 2002- Alexander had a fair few entries in the Russian National Final to date- the best for me was back in 2005 'Balalaika' (sung with Alexey Chumakow) Another huge hit for Alexander was 'Cresent & The Cross' this came a very close 2nd place to Dima Bilan in Russia 2008 competion. With only 1 point behind Dima's 'Believe' this is the closest Alexander came to a Eurovision ticket.

This month a new song 'Til Tomorrow' from his first english album, called 'Cocoon',that is scheduled to be released next month. A new video has created a lot of pre-release interest & to be directed by Roman Kucherskaya, who has done The'Formula of Love' Russian video. It's great to see Alexander finally showing his talent for singing in english- and if you have a listen to this first offering you may agree here is a singer perfect for Eurovision 2012- I hope he kept the best for last with a song for next year's National selecion for Russia or even Ukraine.

Check out 'Til Tomorrow'

Watch this space for the video-

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