Jun 5, 2011

Bucks Fizz are back on CD for 30th Anniversary Collection - but wait there's more.

'A band for Europe' in 1981- just before Eurovision Song Contest

'Making your mind up' has to be one of the most popular and memorable of the five Uk Eurovision winners. To celebrate there is a brand new CD collection called Up until Now that spans the bands whole 80s career on 2 CD's and brings alot of 12" remixes & bonus tracks, not released previously. Like Cheryl's lead vocal of
'Heart of Stone' this song that was no great success for 'the Fizz' back in 1988. However Cher gave the tune new life and made it a hit for her in 1990. So it's good to hear it as the original female-vocal version with Cheryl- along with 2011 New Remixes versions of 'Making your mind up' & 'You & Your heart so blue'

As we know since the mid-nineties Bucks Fizz have many member changes, always missing the 2 original girls Cheryl Baker & Jay Ashton. David Van Day joined the band for a while and created a feud between David & Bobby Gee for the use of the Bucks Fizz trademark.
However at long last following 'Pop goes the band' Tv show Cheryl & Jay made up their minds to forget the differences and join forces with Mike Nolan to form 'Original Bucks Fizz' band. Bobby G continues with his version of Bucks Fizz- there is a BBC doco from 2002 called
'Trouble at the top' on the whole sad saga of the name copyright. I had never saw this in the complete version- its shows just what happened with the Dollar colabration
of Bucks Fizz Vs Van Day's Dollar.
Its sad Bobby G cannot join forces with Cheryl, Jay & Mike now they are finally together at last-
we shall have to see what happens next..

The Fizz... that is Cheryl, Mike & Jay play non-other than London Palladium on 11 th July 2011.
An impressive comeback gig for them, and this will follow a new album featuring some new
recorded songs to be called 'Fame & Fortune'

Bucks Fizz in 2011- 3 original members- all smiles again &
looking fizz-ulous as ever

The fizz does sparkles on in 2011- with all those memories of the 80's hits & impressive singles & albums
and lets not forget when it all began with the 1981 Eurovision glory.

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