Jun 16, 2011

My Top 25 Songs --playlist this week

PLAYLIST 16th June 2011.

1 My heart is refusing me (Amarillo & Finer Remix Radio version)

2 When We're Together - Catalin

3 Fantasy Island (New Version 2010) -Tight Fit

4 The land of make believe (2008 NewVersion)
-Bucks Fizz

5 Popular (SoundFactory Radio Mix) -Eric Saade

6 Magic (Peachy & Murphy Remix)-Olivia Newton John

7 Lost In Love (Germany MGP 1999) -Wind

8 Bubblin' (Single Version) -Blue

9 Show me the way -Magnus Carlsson -NEW

10 Once in a lifetime -Ines

11 Hajde da ludujemo ( Party Extended ) (1990) -Tajči

12 Absent friends-Peter Joback

13 Your Song - Didrik Solli-Tangen

14 LA Today -Alex Gold feat.Phil Oakley -NEW

15 Something in your eyes -Jenny Silver

16 Maya Showtime -Alexander Panoyotov -NEW

17 Changes -Dima Bilan -NEW

18 Raggio di luna (1979) - Matia Bazar

19 Un Peu de Poivre Un Peu De Sol - Tonia (ESC 1966) -NEW

20 Otacksamhet- Nanne

21 Never let you Go (DJ Pierre Mix) -Human League - NEW

22 Sveta Ljubav -Maja Blagdan (ESC 1996) -NEW

23 Supersexual -Blue

Kära Syster-
Benny Andersson Band Feat. Helen Sjöholm

25 No One Else Could -Sebastian

- With eight new entries or in some cases older entries on my top 25 chart this week- I have been listening
to a bit of Le Human League with their new single that is a great comeback hit- Also
down-under- she's back- Olivia Newton-John' has one fantastic dance mix of 'Magic' getting lots of radio airplay here- mixed by sydney DJ Dan Murphy- Certainly gets the highest new song entry honour here--

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