Jun 30, 2011

My Top 25 Songs --playlist this week

Alexander Panoyotov- sung in the Russian NF 2010 -with 'Maya Showtime'

PLAYLIST 30th June 2011.

1 Magic (Peachy & Murphy Remix)-Olivia Newton John

2 Maya Showtime -Alexander Panoyotov

3 Popular (SoundFactory Radio Mix) -Eric Saade

4 My heart is refusing me (Amarillo & Finer Remix Radio version)

5 I Wanna be alive (Remix)-English vers Om du forlater mig- Mf 2000-Date

6 Feel You -Magnus Carlsson

7 When We're Together - Josan Catalin

8 Never let me go (DJ Pierre Mix)- Human League

9 Absent friends- Peter Joback

10 Gimme (Key Mix) - One (cyprus 2000) -NEW

11 Fantasy Island (New Version 2010) -Tight Fit

12 Karma Karma-Same Difference/Alcazar -NEW

13 No One Else Could -Sebastian

14 When we were Young (Club Mix)- Bucks Fizz -NEW

15 Lost In Love (Germany MGP 1999) -Wind

16 The land of make believe (2008 NewVersion)-Bucks Fizz

17 Raggio di luna (1979) - Matia Bazar

18 Your Song - Didrik Solli-Tangen

19 Running Scared (Niclas Kings in Air Mix) - Ell & Nikki -NEW

20 Don't tell it- Fabrizio Faniello (Malta Nf.2005)

21 Save Tonight -E M D -NEW

22 Nothing to say- Josan Catalin

23 Otacksamhet- Nanne

Kära Syster-
Benny Andersson Band /Helen Sjöholm

25 Something in your eyes -Jenny Silver

We do have a new top-tune -Olivia's own re-work on 'Magic' remixed specially
for charity and a terrific dance hit here down-under- As top swede Eric Saade is looking popular to take on the top slot soon. As Alexander Panoyotov his hit from Russia in 2010 was we think a worthy winner back when russia picked Peter Nalitch- what were they thinkin?
Our new tunes being played alot is bit varied with One's 'Gimme' tune that still sounds great to me-
what happened to One?- could they do a Blue style boyband comeback? Alcazar/Same Difference made a chart debut in the Top 25 with danceable 'Karma Karma' Le Bucks Fizz have a second classic single from the mid-80's with the bril' 'When we were Young' + E.M.D. who are currently working on a new album- this is a cover of 'Save Tonight'
At last I found a Remix of 'Running Scared' I like so I am listening to this years Eurovision No:1 again..

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