May 29, 2011

A Greek Star is Born- Loukas Giorkas- With a new song as well

This year's Greek entry for Dusseldorf 'Watch My dance', took alot of risks. The song combined the rap of Stereo Mike & traditional powerful vocals of singer Loukas Giorkas. During the National selection Tv contest a pop-dance hit called ' I don't wanna Dance' sung by Nikki Ponte was the firm favourite. However the pure vocal-power of Loukas & Stereo Mike won on the night. Afterwards the song won much praise, but also many found it too different in Greece. In fact in the lead up to Eurovision some radio stations chose not to play 'Watch my Dance' Loukas spoke out
afterwards that he even had throughts of a possible withdrawal from Eurovision 2011! at this point.
After the semi-final 1 performance that was simply stunning - Greece had infact a 11 point lead over the winning song 'Running scared' from Azerbaijan who due to their high votes with both the jury & televotes won Eurovision Song Contest 2011. It is one of the rare times the Eurovision winner had not been also a winner and qualifier from the Semi final show The same thing happened with Russia's Dima BIlans win of 2008.

Loukas Giorkas during this last week appeared on 'Greek Idol' to do a reprise of 'Watch My Dance' as well as present his new song & single on the show check it out here the New song/performance

Loukas himself had won Greece's X- factor with his amazing voice- following his Eurovision final 7th placing we think he is set for a wonderful career in homeland Greece & overseas.
He certainly impressed many also see his songs from

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