May 21, 2011

UK's Eurovision icon Kathy Kirby dies at 71-

Tribute to Kathy- via Telegraph features I Belong (1965)

Kathy gave UK it's very first eurovision female singer triumpth in 1965. When she was runner-up to Luxembourg's France Gall's 'Poupee de cire, Poupee de son' she sang 'I belong'.

Kathy had her big hit 'Secret Love' the year before in 64, She was regularly compared to Marilyn Monroe, and often topped the bill at the London Palladium. Back in 1963 she was awarded NME award of readers Top British Female singer. She had two Top 10 hits in homeland UK – Let Me Go, Lover followed Secret Love in 1964 – and three more in the Top 40, which earned her her own BBC television series.

In 1971 the death of her mentor and bandleader Bert Ambrose, meant a decline in Kathy Kirby's career, Bert had managed her career from the age of 16 with his orchestra. Kathy later became bankrupt and suffered various health problems after Ambrose's death. The only real comeback was in 1981 when she re-worked Charles Aznavour's classic 'She' (renamed He)

Kathy's back-cataloge has an impressive 6- song for europe selection from 65- Of great tunes like 'One Day' & 'I'll try not to cry' Kathy will be remembered for her great voice and classic 60's look.

We will Miss Kathy Kirby.

The results of 'Song for Europe 1965'
all sung by Kathy Kirby--

1st I belong -110,495 votes
2nd I'll try not to cry -96,252 votes
3rd My only Love -61,993 votes
4th One Day
5th I won't let go
6th Sometimes

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