May 14, 2011

Hello it's Melbourne calling with our results of Semi Final 1

Julia & Sam get into the spirit with German national dress for Eurovision week

Here down under in Australia we have a delayed broadcast of Eurovision and both semi-finals. this means a weekend of back-to-back Eurovision shows without a break.
Plus- our very own commentators -Julia Zemiro & Sam Pang (above) who do an awesome job for SBS, also because we cannot vote of course.
Each time the phone numbers are due to be shown on screen for the semi finals SBS just show their web address to vote on line (free) This year it seems to have worked very well, the votes are closed off -just after the Tv broadcast. However while Ebu in europe never reveal any semi-final results til after the final -it's very interesting to see how Australia judged the songs from Semi Final 1

So here are the results of Australia's
Webvoting in Semi final 1

1- Greece- 10361 votes
2- Serbia- 7515 votes
3- Iceland- 6135 votes
4- Turkey- 6054 votes
5- Portugal- 5515 votes
6- Finland- 4870 votes
7- Croatia - 4630 votes
8- San Marino - 4178 votes
9- Hungary- 3930 votes
10- Poland- 2747 votes

11-Russia - 2499 votes
12- Switzerland - 2445 votes
13-Malta - 2178 votes
14-Norway - 2040 votes
15-Armenia - 1503 votes
16- Georgia - 1470 votes
17-Azerbaijan - 1470 votes
18- Albania - 1178 votes
19- Lituania - 955 votes

-Its interesting to see finalist Lituania, Georgia and then Azerbaijan- so very low in the results.
Azerbaijan are a top favourite to win this year, but this may shows they have not such a convincing high scoring tune as expected?
And these three songs qualified in europe! and Portugal shot to a Top 5 position according to the australian viewers. I aggree with Poland & Croatia as qualifing songs in this result.
Just shows how anything can happen.

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