May 18, 2011

Eurovision Song Contest 2011 - What a Final Show in Dusseldorf- & the voting!

Now the glitter and dusk has settled after Dusseldorf 2011. The final was one massive amazing show once again packed full of artists & songs each finalist was in its own way a winner!
When we look at the contest historically has in some small ways made a public statement of it's own,
and we are not refering to block voting here!
The favourites of France, UK & Hunary seemed to be something of a myth when the final votes came up on the scoreboard! the media-buzz of 2011 -was very much claiming Eurovision to be just the Jedward & UK's Blue show. How wrong was that- although both UK & Ireland gave a performance worthy of any prize.
So what happened? suddenly the sleepers like -Italy, Sweden, Greece, Germany & Ukraine became the 'new' winners based on more out-standing performances on the Final night. It showed us the europeans voted on what they 'liked on the night'- and not who- was just in the news in the day before.
It was a close-race and never before have so many songs each received top 12 points at some stage in the voting. Azerbaijan came out with the most appeal and just 3 times 12 points, while Italy got 4 times 12 points! 'Running Scared' took the victory with 221 points. Another interesting fact was Azerbaijan came 2nd in the semi final result to Greece, I think in the end 'Running scared' appealed to more age-groups - as well as a rather haunting melody.

check out this clip of eurovision top3 interview (thanks to
- see Lena almost in tears, you can see she just does not want it to be over- & close her Eurovision chapter, ahhh-hh!
Lena you can always comeback again?

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