Mar 6, 2011

The Schlager Ambulance call out to 2nd change Round

Just last night was the second chance round in Melodifestivalen-
Although this has in the past brought to Globen Final classics like those Alcazar hits
'Not a Sinner nor a saint' and the fab 'Alcastar' as well as Shirley Clamp's 'Min karlek'
Sarah Dawn Finer's 'Moving on' -So what happened in 2011?

We are just not really sure ... the final 2nd chance result gave us Sara Varga's 'Spring for Livet' & The Moniker's 'Oh my god' for Globen?

Not the best choices we must say-Sara's ditti for me is very simular to Anna Bergandahl winner of last year- a risky choice. The Monkier is rather different and Mika-like, but I just find the whole
visuals a bit messy- too much going on.

So what happened to the rest - Jenny Silver sadly lost out early on to Love Generation- who went head-to-head in a duel with Sara Varga. Love Generation had been tipped to win Mf 2011 early on, yet lost out. Linda Pritchard's Kempe ballad 'Alive' fell to The Monkier who proved a lot more
popular than expected in the 2nd chance.

The final casualty was with the mighty schlager track 'I through it was forever' Shirley's Angels looked a sure winner over Prenilla Andersson's song. It lost out in the first round- so it was abit of a disapointment for schlager. Shortly we will look at how the tunes do in the swedish top 40-
the best songs so often fall by the way in Melodifestivalen yet turn out to be big sellers and hits.

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