Mar 13, 2011

Just some -Melodifestivalen 2011 Globen Final Voting facts

This year was interesting to use the international juries- Here are the countries
and who they gave the top 12 points to-
- in fact Sanna Nielson got same amount of 12 points as Eric Saade:

Russia: The Moniker
Ukraine: Sanna Nielsen
France: Eric Saade
Greece: Sanna Nielsen
Malta: Eric Saade
Croatia: Linda Bengzing
San Marino: Swingfly
Germany: Danny Saucedo
UK: Eric Saade
Ireland: Sanna Nielsen
Norway: Swingfly

- So lets keep an eye on UK, France & Malta see if they give Sweden very high points in Dusseldorf 2011?

The Swedish public: votes was translated to scoreboard points this year based on the % of the votes cast. Here we see where Eric Saade got the biggest advantage

23.7% = 112 points to Eric Saade
14.9% = 70 points to Danny Saucedo
14.7% = 69 points The Moniker
10.4% = 49 points to Swingfly
8.2% = 39 points to Sanna Nielson

7.8% = 37 points to Nicke Borg
7% = 33 points The Playtones
5.8% = 27 points to Sara Varga
4.3% = 21 points to Brolle
3.2% = 16 points to Linda Bengzing

The Final Globen SCOREBOARD

1st "Popular" 193 pts
2nd "In the club" 149 points
3rd "Oh My God!" 124 points
4th "I'm in love" 114 pts
5th "Me and my drum" 93 points
6th "The King" 79 points
7th "E de fel pa mej" 58 points
8th "Leaving home" 57 points
9th "Spring for Livet '50 points
10th "Seven days and Seven nights' 29 points

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