Mar 26, 2011

introducing Amaury Vassilli- a singer tipped to bring France back to Eurovision in 2011

The last time France won Eurovision was back in 1977 with Marie Myriam with 'L'oiseau et l'enfant' but now as early odds on favourite has turned out to be French opera singer Amaury Vassilli with a song 'Sognu' opera tenors have yet to make any major impact previously at
Eurovision. For examples Latvia's (Questa Notte) Norway's Didrik Solli-Tangen & Krassimir Avramov & the mighty Malena Ernman in 2009 for Sweden. All came from opera backgrounds.
I think Amaury has an advantage with this song, its more classical song than popera. Along with France the UK is named as a favourite as well with 'I can'. Its very interesting to see how the Big four/five countries now since Lena from Germany found victory to break the ice in Oslo 2010. However back in 2005- 2006 & 2007 France UK Spain & Germany failed to progress out of the bottom 5 positions in the ESC Final. It took until 2009 to chance this low voting trend and with the likes of Patricia Kaas (France) & Jade (UK) who although had the advantage of qualification into the ESC final (that was previously doomed) - both songs made the Top 10 in 2009 (Jade- with a Lloyd-Webber penned 'My time' came 4th- Kaas finished 8th)

Blue- a boyband with the vocal power to bring UK back to the Top 10

So can France now at least return to the old times of Eurovision glory? they have won historically Eurovision 5 times before. Or can even Blue do this, and take us back to the 90's- on their comeback trail for UK. We think the French do have a good simple tune that can be very effective on stage. Check out the video for 'Sognu'

-10 points to France, & 12 points to UK...
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