Mar 12, 2011

Are we ready for Globen 2011- it's Here and Now?

Its just 2 more sleeps to Globen Melodifestivalen 2011. This saturday night, it will be known - the song that will represent Sweden in dusseldorf 2011. It's all happened so fast, yet the timing of Eurovision this year means Sweden is almost the very last song - to go forward in ESC 2011 submissions. This means the artist & tune has that last song in advantage, I think this worked rather well for Ukraine last year? Although I never liked the song 'Sweet people' in particular.
So this years final- the songs I find not really as strong as last years at all If I go back to 12 months we had Timoteji, Peter Joback, Darin, Ola & Jessica Andersson besides the top 2 -Anna Bergendahl & Salen Al Fakir. In Melodifestivalen 2011 alot of the real good songs got lost in 2nd change round, perhapes 2nd Chance should be extended to 3-4 qualifing songs in the future? Christer did comment last year when asked about the songs that "You can never really tell how popular- or good a song is till 6 months afterwards -when we see how well the song charted & sold" very true words- let's see ..
The two favourites with the public is Danny & Eric Saade- so these two songs should pull in the top public votes. I think Eric will perhapes just have the edge on Danny's song and this could be just what he needs to win. Yet the new international juries will -I think like 'In the Club' alot more, these jury votes will make or break this competion this year. So anything could happen- it will be most interesting. Even The Monkier could win, I would rank him as a strong outsider this year- But is 'oh my god' a ideal song for Eurovision 2011- I have to say I am not 100% convinced
I hate to even bring this up -who can forget back in Melodifestivalen 2009. The first ever Mf International jury was used at Globen As poor Marija Serifovic took to the stage gave the first lowest score to Malena Ernman- we heard the response of boo's from the crowd. Thankfully it was only the public vote that amazingly saved Marlena Ernman that night, if the same is required in 2011- Will it work? I think the new jury system is both bold and exciting
however Sweden -please do not take away too much of your public voice.
Some will even recall a simular thing happened in Melodifestivalen 1973- was'nt it a jury voting that placed Abba's Ring Ring in 3rd place, of course it was different times way back then.
I did think that Boney M had touched or influenced Norway's entry 'Haba haba' on first hearing - that's great I luv this tune!

Will we be able to say the same for Sweden's song in 2011- I am hoping so?

-- 'ohh those swedes.'

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