Mar 14, 2016

Melodifestivalen Final 2016 - What a night.

Well what an amazing Melodifestivalen Final 2016. Hats off to SVT.

The show was filled with great music laughs, and a truely fantastic schlager trip down memory- lane. Mans came back and made us proud all over again.
Then young 17 year old Frans became the new prince of Melodifestivalen to take the top prize. With his huge amount of public votes and support that was all to evident from social media and already No  1 on the swedish music chart lists. 'If I were sorry' even made an early entry over in Norwegian chart lists before the Melodifestivalen final.

The highlight for me was the refreshing new version of 'Heroes' from Mans. And that amazing jubilee Melodifestivalen medley, seeing Nanne back in Melodifestivalen stage in all her glory. It just left me cheering more, encore, encore...

It's a pity there was not too much scoreboard drama, it's interesting as Frans was naturally the favourite and when it came to revealing the public votes - it seemed 95% certain Frans would score enough top marks to win although 'if I were sorry' was one point behind Oscar Zia in the international jury vote. As all the international juries gave their votes and options, it was wonderful to see Australa featured in the international round up as well.

Personally I would have chosen 'Human' as a better tune to make an impact at Eurovision Song Contest. I hope I am wrong in my thinking. Frans's song is different trendy, and simple. I remember Vienna 2015 and The MakeMakes 'I'm Yours' another simple different song more rock oriented of course. Was'nt the The MakeMakes song hoping to have the same impact in a Eurovision final filled with showstopper and big productions? The tragedy came when it finished in joint last place, this will not happen for Frans I predict, but it just shows how simple songs can get lost in the mega Eurovision circus today.

It's all paving the way to an amazing Eurovision in Stockholm, I am keen to see who becomes the favourites as the weeks go by and the lead up the 61st Eurovision Song Contest. Meanwhile here at schlager tunes we will continue to look back at the national finals season to see some great tunes that got away or missed out.

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