Apr 7, 2016

FRANCE is back in 2016, with a song J'ai cherché - that has all the right moves!

France, an historical Eurovision country that has won the Eurovision song contest five times in the past. Way back in the 60's and early 70's when Eurovision was almost a french chanson contest, and France had Monaco, Begium and Luxembourg beat at the top of the scoreboard each year. As french seemed to be the main lauguage of choice, back then beleive or not.
It's all very different in Eurovision today, and the last time France won ESC was actually back in 1979, so are they making a comeback? Like many big 5 countries they alway make an internal selection. Often France chose to have a song sung in french, or bi-lingual as it the case with 'J'ai cherché' the tune for Stockholm 2016.
On first listen I found this french tune rather instant and very caughty indeed, something you cannot say about many of the entry's for Stockholm 2016. It seems to be a year when most all artists and songs are trying to be something different.So this french tune is popular for being simple and very modern. Amir seems to be not trying too hard, he won 'The Voice' in France.
It's been some years since France was one of the favourites to win Eurovision, they are currently 4th favourites, and a firm fan-favourite already and this trend looks set to continue.

I can see a few 12 points coming France's way in Stockholm, and wish Amir lots of Luck...

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