Mar 3, 2016

DAMI, DAMI, DAMI, Amor For Australia, at EUROVISION 2016 in Stockholm?

It could have been one of the best kept secrets in Eurovision history, but in a few hours it looks certain that Dami Im will sing for Australia in 2016.

-Thanks to Dami Facebook page 

                           The rumours of Deltra Goodrum (another Sony Australia) had been squashed as Deltra wrote on twitter this week 'it's not me, lovelies" and Deltra even indicated she knew who it was. So could it be Deltra was actually in the running or backed out even Delta seemed to be a dead-certain at one stage.
                           The exciting thing is Dami is just perfecto for Eurovision Song Contest, and Australia have her all in the (Fosters) can we recon, and the Sydney news sites have indicated the same yesterday.

So I asked Who is Dami...

She won X Factor in 2013, has 3 successful pop albums released in Australia.That means Dami certainly did not end up a X Factor one hit wonder. Plus she wrote most of her last album Heartbeats' herself. So she is not just a pop princess pretty face, with an impressive vocal range in fact formally she was a gospel singer no less.

We found out Dami is no stranger to Stockholm city either, in fact Dami has been over there last time in late January 2015 recording some very exciting amazing music tracks...As found on Dami's facebook page, and the photo of her in Gamla Stan, just over 12 months ago. The further mystery is why have these new tracks never seen the light of day since then? It could be that Dami was considered for Vienna 2015. Now she looks ready to shine and we cannot wait to hear what schager treats she has for us.

                                -Thanks to Dami Facebook page 

We want Dami for our aussie GLADIATOR.....

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